Tuesday, May 18, 2010

25 Things!

Things I love about Facebook:
1. Keeping in touch with friends
2. Sharing pictures
3. Being able to see whats going on with everyone else
4. Changing my status
5. Having everyone know that I'm in a relashionship
6. Having my boyfrind post things on my wall
7. How easy it is to upload pictures
8. Reconneting with people from my past
9. It's free!
10. Posting whatever I want
11. How easy it is to upload pictures
12. Knowing that I can leave a message for anyone anytime
13. How many pages there are that I'm interested in

Things that I hate about Facebook:
14. Everyone can see you information
15. Anyone can comment on your status
16. Theres hardly any privacy
17. If you're not careful your comments could offend someone
18. You appear on Google searches
19. Anyone could copy one of your pictures and make it public
20. Anyone can access your conversations
21. All of your family members can see your activity
22. Anyone can get a profile, even your 83-year-old grandmother
23. Everyone can see your pictures at any time and comment on them
24. The chat doesn't always work correctly
25. Your pictures could be reported or deleated just for fun

Monday, April 26, 2010

Earth's Growing Cancer...

As we are momentary guests in this beautiful Earth, we leave a mark behind. The problem is that the print that our ancestor chose to leave behind was one of carelessness and luxury that has only led to a withering and infertal land that will not be able to sustain its future guests for lack of resources. One of these resources that I believe we are carelessly letting it slip of our Earth are the tropical rainforests, wich used to cover 14% of the Earths surface but due to our careless consumption of its derived products, we've reduced that percentage to less than half and according to experts in the course of 40 years we will have push them into extinction.
A small lesson we learned when we were kids states that trees clean the air and decontaminate it in order for us to breath the clean air. But what will happen if for selfish reasons we kill our lungs? Reasons that are not going to make our life better, only easier. The problem is that we are not just threatening our future but endangering the biodiversity of the world. An estimate says that "we are losing 137 plant, animal and insect species every single day due to rainforest deforestation. That equates to 50,000 species a year." Another problem is that over 25% of the medicine used for treating illnesses are derived from the rainforest plants, and that's because they've only tested 1% of the diverse species that exist. Imagine all the pain and suffering that we wouldn't be able to avoid by killing the other 99% of the species?
Some of the things that we cut down trees for are: writting paper, toilet and sanitary paper, furniture, tooth picks, chopsticks, heat, simple commmodity like they take away part of our view, pencils and colored pencils, fashion accesories, etc.. Knowing that we contribute to the masssive destruction of our planet on account of the multi-million companies by just buying and using these products, can you honestly call yourself an ecologically aware human being? Consider your diet; do you enjoy eating sushi which is so healthy and light, or maybe even a big steak and potatoes? Well either way you are not helping the planet unless you are aware of what your choices imply on the well being of the Earth. First of all, in order to transport and feed a cow for you to enjoy you steak, it takes a lot of trees being cut down to turn into both food for the cows and fuel for the trucks. Now, to even out the emmissions of CO2 that a cow makes in a 2-year minumin time which is when they are elegible to be butchered for your consumption, it takes about 150 trees. Imagine 150 trees that put their energy into just cleaning up the air from just the gases of 1 cow! However, healthier options like sushi are not that ecofriendly for all of the wood for the chopsticks is used from the tropical rainforests.
As bad as it sounds, these things have an everyday easy solution. First of all, a healthier and much more eco-freindly alternative, for most foods is going organic on things that you can't get locally and buying from local producers whatever is safe to buy. With this desicion you are not only improving your health by buying things that use less contaminating and harmful pesticides and that are not altered in any way to look bigger or better. Second, it takes less resources to transport them into your local supermarkets. Third, if you go to a sushi restaurant take re-usable chopsticks, they range from $4.94 up to $149 the pair if you want to be a big spender, but you could find them cheaper. "In China, an estimated 45 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks are used and thrown away annually. This adds up to 1.7 million cubic metres of timber or 25 million fully grown trees every year." Use your computer and don't print what you don't have to print. Try to re-use writting paper, but specialy try to avoid it if you can.
What is more important than anything, think about how you use the resources around you and how it is that you are affecting the environment. Chosing to ignore the problem is not a solution and it will not help, it's precisely that atittude that got us into this mess without being prepared to give viable and un-contaminating solutions that will help us keep the world and its inhabitants healthy a longer time.

Information can be found in the following links:

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Video fideo...

The commercial ads my classmates made were really cool. I enjoyed very much Erika Zinser's, Melida Leon's, and Jose Vallarta's because I felt they were the most original ones. Also some others were Andrea Serna's and Lea's becuause they were also very original. But I feel like the first two I named were the best edited ones. If I could change mine I probably would mute the original video because I learned how to do that after I had uploaded it.. One of the ones that I didn't enjoy as much but were still very well edited was Ariadne's because I would have like to see her footage. But honestly I felt like mine was one of the best, maybe not the best, but I felt like it transmitted a message to the viewer. When I showed it to my cousin she cried, so I feel really good about my work :D

Dog Shelter Ad from markpicketts on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Video Editing! .2

How can you hate commercials unless they use offensive or racial statements? I enjoyed all of the commercials we saw in class, specially the one about save sex. I find it easier to enjoy a commercial when you can make fun of it but it also has a message. Viewers laugh at the child's tantrum but it also leaves you with the thought that it is possible that having sex without protection will get you in the same possition as the guy in the commercial. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-OqKWXirsU But my favorite commercials involve dancing and cool music or graphics like this ad by target http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOUl6pzQBtI.

For my commercial I'm going to try to integrate humor, cool music and graphics. I expect to experience many challenges because it's going to be hard to integrate all of it into a commercial. I bet it's going to be really hard to edit and do the scene sequence but i plan on using everything that I've learned about Flash and music editing.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Issue on Sexting

The tragedy of 18 year old Jessica Logan is a sad story with a terrible but very probable ending in today's world. Nowadays teenage girls and boys are sexting one another, that is sending explicit pictures of themselves to others, without realizing the consequences it might have on their future. The issue with the sexting is that Jessica only sent it to her boyfriend without knowing that when they broke up, he would make it public to his friends, and they would then send it to other people. A young girl of 18 getting harassed by her class mates for something she never meant anyone else to find out, it's cruel, but it's reality. The worst part is that she felt like there was no other solution but to end her life... I think it's outrageous how things got out of control because a kid should never feel like committing suicide.

My stand point on things is that parents shouldn't sue the school because it wasn't their fault that she sent that text or that her boyfriend made it public. I believe that the actions to take on this matter is trying to find a way to avoid other kids from suffering what Jessica suffered. What I do blame the school with is not being more supportive with Jessica's situation but then again, you can also blame her parents for not realizing something was wrong and she wasn't happy. You can't file a suit against an institution for something that was out of their hands. School counselors should be more open to students and really take the role of psychologist when these things happen because hormonal as we teens are, we tend to make rash decisions to find an easy solution. So I vote for no law suit!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Issues to Face...

Recently the social network called Facebook has implemented new security measures to enable a faster and more reliable way to make your information safeter. From now on, every post or picture you put into your profile can be single edited to make it available to people in your network, to your friend's friends, to only your friends, or to everyone. It also says that the information shared with third parties will not be on account of Facebook, for the only information they share is that of the one that we give our conscent to be shared. Another thing it explains is that we have the right to delete our accounts or to simply deactivate them until we later want to reuse them without losing our information, contacts, or pictures. The last thing the statement says is that privacy settings may change according to the appropriate times. This will not really affect my use of facebook, and I think that they will be succesful as long as people use them. I like it because im very private about my information on facebook, the only thing that is public is my name and my friends, and that's just because it's necesary.

I believe that the situation with post about ASPV staff memebers on Facebook is blowing out of proportion. I don't believe that they are offensive or that they were meant to be offensive. Yes, the creator should make changes and take away the ASPV logo, Selitzer's picture, and the name of the teacher who say those quotes. Maybe it should become like a "Guess Who?" kinda thing. If staff members of ASPV posted our work or videos, depending on the content, some people might get angry or not. I wouldn't really mind because I have nothing to be ashamed of. What i believe that the school should do about this problem is not forbid Facebook but talk to the whole student body about the consequences that things like these could bring upon the kids who did this, because If the administration acted in an aggressive manner against the students, then the student's reaction would be to piss them off even more.

Video Editing!

Our new class assignment for January is a short film! It's really exciting actually because Melida and me will be filming a short film about ecology and green safety measures. The 30 seconds to 1 minute film will include tips of what to do and what not to do in order to maintain our natural environment safe and help reduce the pollution we create inside our communities. We haven't perfected the details yet, but we will be shooting in different sceneries and also we might include a 20 second interview. The point of our focus is to use the space given by Mr. Mark to try to create awareness in our fellow classmates. Hopefully we will make a bigger impact than that negative one we are making on our planet.