Tuesday, May 18, 2010

25 Things!

Things I love about Facebook:
1. Keeping in touch with friends
2. Sharing pictures
3. Being able to see whats going on with everyone else
4. Changing my status
5. Having everyone know that I'm in a relashionship
6. Having my boyfrind post things on my wall
7. How easy it is to upload pictures
8. Reconneting with people from my past
9. It's free!
10. Posting whatever I want
11. How easy it is to upload pictures
12. Knowing that I can leave a message for anyone anytime
13. How many pages there are that I'm interested in

Things that I hate about Facebook:
14. Everyone can see you information
15. Anyone can comment on your status
16. Theres hardly any privacy
17. If you're not careful your comments could offend someone
18. You appear on Google searches
19. Anyone could copy one of your pictures and make it public
20. Anyone can access your conversations
21. All of your family members can see your activity
22. Anyone can get a profile, even your 83-year-old grandmother
23. Everyone can see your pictures at any time and comment on them
24. The chat doesn't always work correctly
25. Your pictures could be reported or deleated just for fun

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